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Wednesday, 13 May 2009 06:50

Who Are We?

We are an outsourcing provider of professional services specializing in the powerful web-base services .Our expertise lies in reducing costs and improving productivity by bringing the strategic advantage of Software Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development to the doorstep of our customer in more ways than one.


What Do We Do?

Provide quality and professional web application development and offshore software outsourcing services to customers all over the world.




1. Quality, Professionalism, Expertise
we are a team of highly educated professionals. All of our team members have more than three years experience in software and web application development.


2. Low Cost
because our members are located in China. With the outsourcing service, you can get your application done at a very low price.


3. Custom Work
we don't produce for the masses. We build custom applications tailored to your requirements. We discuss the project with you to determine your needs and goals.


contac us

 TEL: 86-754-88410019
 MSN: ebowsoft@hotmail.com
 Skype: ebowsoft


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